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What should be the standardization of the future

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ST. PETERSBURG, October 14, 2019 – What will be standard of the future and where it is necessary to move in order to quickly meet the demands of industry in five to ten years – such questions were put before the participants of the session “Forming the Standardization of the Future” by Anton Shalaev, deputy Head of Rosstandart. An open session in the framework of the forum "Standardization 2019" was held on October 10.

Representatives of industry, authorities, and standardization organizations agreed that the standardization of the future is, first of all, the digital environment. Therefore, the standards of the future are machine-readable standards that are already needed in industries such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology, said John Pace, vice president of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 

To standardization of new technical solutions is also paying great attention at Gazprom, said Alexey Pochechuev. These are technologies in hydrocarbon production, LNG and its transportation by sea. To create good, modern requirements for high-tech industries, a digital ecosystem of standardization is needed to exchange views and make electronic standards faster.

In addition to the "numbers", experts saw the standardization of the future in a more effective interaction of all its participants. “The level of standardization in a country is a reflection of the level of its industrial production. And different not only countries, but also industries. When transferring managerial powers to the National Institute, it is important not to miss features. The institute should have specialists who understand the specifics of the industry, and the technical committees should have some kind of competence centers,” said Pavel Filippov, head of the Krylov State Scientific Center.

In addition, the mechanisms for interaction between technical committees should be clearly spelled out in the fundamental GOST R 1.1, believes Valentin Gapanovich, president of NP OPZhT. The expert also recalled the rating of the effectiveness of TC activities and suggested improving the assessment depending on the complexity of the standards being developed.

In a parallel session, forum participants discussed the competencies of future standardization and the challenges of training specialists. Andrey Lotsmanov, First Deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment. As Vladimir Voronin, Rector of the Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification, noted, there are fewer and fewer quality experts due to a lack of understanding of the importance of standardization at all levels - from the heads of organizations to the final consumer of products: “ASMS trains about 15 thousand people a year, but only 10% of them are standardized.” Among the solutions to the problem is the conclusion of Rosstandart Academy agreements with universities, in the framework of which in the last year students additionally undergo standardization training in ASMS.

The topic of the third session was standardization and certification tools for the development of small businesses and ensuring the quality of public procurement. One of the most effective tools is the National Certification System. The NSS allows you to confirm the characteristics of products manufactured according to GOST in accredited testing laboratories, said the director of the Nizhny Novgorod FMC Denis Mironov. In case of successful tests, the manufacturer gets the right to put a QR code on the packaging, which leads to the register of tested products. You can check it right in the store using your smart phone before you buy it. But faking a QR code will not work, as it is unique for each product.

Full video recordings of the broadcasts of the session can be found on the website of "Standardization-2019" forum.

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  • What should be the standardization of the future