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ISO/TC 307 «Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies» session took place in Moscow

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ISO/TC 307 «Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies» session
took place in Moscow
     Moscow, October 29, 2018 – Plenary meeting of the ISO international technical committee 307 «Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies» (hereinafter – ISO/TC 307) took place in Moscow on October 22-25, 2018. More than 100 experts of international standing in blockchain technology, information security and public management from 20 countries attended the event. Maria Pishchulina, Head of administration and external relations department of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology delivered a welcome speech to the meeting participants.
     Russian delegation consisted of more than 20 experts, representing national technical committees 026 «Cryptographic Information Security» and 159 «Software and hardware tools of the distributed ledger technologies and blockchain». Russian technical committees primary focuses on creating of the regulatory-technical base that will allow Russian companies and start-ups to develop actively in blockchain field and will help Russia to become a world leader in young and fast growing technology field.
     Key topics for discussion were information security, personal data protection, legal regulation in blockchain and interaction description technique.
     ISO/TC 307 was founded in 2016 in six working groups. Committee activity
is aimed at introducing innovations, effective management and using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in business industry and public administration. Within the frames of ISO/TC 307 efforts are made to unify terminology and reference architecture as well as research conducted in the field of blockchain technologies.
     After the session Moscow also welcomed international forum «Blockchain in digital economy» which was attended by ISO/TC 307 experts and all interested in the use of blockchain technologies parties. Deputy Head of Rosstandart Anton Shalaev opened the discussion session «Blockchain as a potential catalyst for change in the digital economy» and underlined that «standardization should be focused» on meeting of new challenges that digital transformation process poses. While business forms thematic agenda of standardization, new standards should become a technological catalyst for innovation processes and digital technologies distribution.

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  • ISO/TC 307 «Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies» session took place in Moscow