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Alexey Abramov to speak on Rosstandart’s practices in market supervision

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Nizhniy Novgorod, November 9, 2018 – Effective market supervision is necessary for consumer protection and bona fide manufacturers. Head of the Federal Agency
on Technical Regulating and Metrology Alexey Abramov spoke about practices formulated by Rosstandart in this sphere during interregional conference
«Priorities of the regions: control, public services, digitalization and SME development» that took place in Nizhniy Novgorod on November 8, 2018 (World Quality day).

Governor of Nizhniy Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin and deputies of the Minister
of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Vadim Zhivulin and Savva Shipov also took part in the event.

Participants discussed topics related to inspection and audit activities as well
as national project «Small and medium entrepreneurship and individual entrepreneurial initiative support» realization.

Inspection and audit activities are aimed at countering unfair market players who sell low quality and even dangerous products. «With effective supervision we want
to protect bona fide manufacturers from those who engaged in illegal activities but not face severe coercive measures», – underlined Alexey Abramov.

To fight market irregularities and counterfeiting, Rosstandart uses different instruments of supervisory practices: product testing (together with public institutions); revolving penalty mechanism (since 2018) and so called «inspection control» that is currently started to implement.

Another tool of fair market competitiveness is a National certification system (NCC). Within NCC manufacturers are to confirm compliance with GOST standards
on the voluntary basis. QR-code with NCC reference shows that products went through all necessary quality and safety checks in accredited testing laboratories.

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  • Alexey Abramov to speak on Rosstandart’s practices in market supervision