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Development of cooperation between Russia and Palestine in the sphere of standartization and metrology

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MOSCOW, November 22, 2019 - Russia and Palestine agreed to assist the Russian side in estimating the Palestinian testing laboratories for possible supplies of Russian metrological equipment. This was told by the Deputy Head of Rosstandart Boris Potemkin at the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Russian-Palestinian Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation on November 22.

Earlier, the issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed by the head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov and the Director General of the Palestinian Institute of Standardization, Haidar Hajjeh, at the meeting on November 20 in the Government Complex. Deputy Head of Rosstandart Boris Potemkin, head of the Office of Administrative work and external relations Maria Pishchulina, head of the Department of metrology Dmitry Gogolev, rector of the Academy of standardization, metrology and certification of Rosstandart Vladimir Voronin, deputy general director of STANDARTINFORM Yuri Budkin also took part in it.

Alexey Abramov informed Haidar Hajjeh about the structure of Rosstandart, the system of territorial bodies and subordinate organizations. We agreed on a working visit of the Russian delegation to the Palestinian Institute of Standards in order to get acquainted with the capabilities of the testing base of Palestinian laboratories.

In addition to the technical part of the interaction, the possibility of organizing training and advanced training for Palestinian specialists was noted.

“The interaction of Rosstandart with the Palestinian Institute of Standardization is carried out in the framework of the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding, which involves the exchange of scientific and technical information, the development of metrological support, and work on the harmonization of documents. I’m sure that Russia and Palestine have the potential to expand cooperation in the sphere of standardization and metrology, ” said Alexey Abramov, head of Rosstandart.

For reference: The Palestinian Institute for Standardization (PSI) is the national authority responsible for standards' development by the national authority  and is internationally recognized as the cooperation point for Palestine's participation in the global system of harmonized standards.   PSI's tasks include issuing certificates of conformity, conducting tests, developing a national metrological system, approving product labeling, developing laboratories, and organizing training courses for public officials and businesses.

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  • Development of cooperation between Russia and Palestine in the sphere of standartization and metrology