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SAINT PETERSBURG, October 15, 2020 – "Protecting the planet with standards"
– this is not only the motto of the World Standards Day 2020, but also the name of the session of the International Technology Forum" Russian standards week" dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Rosstandart and World Standards Day. The moderator was the Deputy Head of Rosstandart Anton Shalaev.

The session participants were welcomed by the Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg Evgeny Elin. "The world around us is changing rapidly. Rapid digitalization is underway, new competencies and new challenges are emerging. This requires a new approach to solving problems in almost any field. This means new standards that will contribute to further progress," the Vice-Governor stressed. He also wished the Forum participants successful and fruitful work.

The session was attended by representatives of international organizations and national standardization bodies, who spoke about the role of standards in the difficult conditions of 2020 and lessons learned from the pandemic situation. Of course, this year, first of all, we were able to feel the important role of standards in the field of information technology. As noted the Head of the German DIN, Christoph Winterhalter, the state, business and society must trust new technologies before they are widely used. It is standardization that promotes trust in technologies and training in their application.

Despite the difficulties of working online, the panelists stressed that this format was an impetus for development.

Sergio Mujica, Secretary General of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), noted that despite the difficulties of the remote format, the number of experts in online meetings has increased significantly, and this is especially important for developing countries. Dialog sessions that allow members to share their experience are popular. ISO is currently transforming its activities into a virtual format for developing global solutions.

The head of the IEC, Philipp Metzger, named four important guidelines for the IEC's work in the new environment. This is virtualization – since March 16, meetings were held only online, and employees worked from home. All the work was carried out with minimal costs. The second is a broad Association, which, in particular, allowed to increase the transparency of work processes. Much attention is paid to support at the national and international levels, as well as cooperation.

"The examples of ISO and IEC have shown how quickly organizations can change their work and at the same time increase their efficiency," commented Anton Shalaev.

As Boris Aleshin noted, today the best practices are in those states that were able to achieve maximum protection of their citizens. "We are far from each other, despite the Internet. But no matter what country we live in, we need to join forces on a variety of issues. The more standard solutions there are, the more we will simplify the development of economies with different levels," he said, adding that a separate big direction is to preserve the environment through standards.

Chantal Guay, PASC Chair, elaborated on this topic: "Climate change will be a bigger problem than a pandemic if we don't do something about it. The standardization community should move towards creating effective standards that will protect citizens and their property from natural disasters and minimize risks to the environment. "The great potential in the field of renewable energy and the high role of international cooperation in this area was noted by Adrian O'Сonnell, Head of the national standards authority of Australia.

Also on the first day of the forum, were held open sessions on the quality infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Union, quality management standards and standardization in the agro-industrial complex. After that, a solemn presentation of the "Standardizer of the year" award and Rosstandart certificates of honor took place.

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