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MOSCOW, November 30, 2021 –Following the results of the 11thmeetingof the special working group on standardization of the Russian-Chinese Subcommittee  
2on Cooperation in the Field of Civil Aviation and Civil Aircraft Construction, the first Russian-Chinese standard «Aviation Technology. Requirements for acoustic designof passenger cabin and cabin crew of aircraft» has been approved.The adoption of the first joint document on standardization was an unprecedented event in the 20-year history of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of standardization. Since 2015, the parties have also been actively engaged in industry cooperationon standardization–including in the field of civil aircraft construction. The taskof the special working group is to develop a mechanism for the exchange, mutual recognition and joint development of standardization documents between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, including for the implementationof joint projects to create a long-range widebody aircraft (CR 929) and a heavytransport helicopter. The special working group is co-chaired by the Head of RosstandartAnton Shalaev and the Head of the Department of Innovative Standards Management of the State Administration for Market Regulation of the People's Republic of China ChenguangGuo from the Chinese side.Representatives of PJSC Irkut Corporation, FSBI «Institution n.a. N.E. Zhukovsky» (National Research Center), FSUE TsAGI, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) (MAI), CR929 EC Engineering Center LLC took partinthe development of the first joint standard from the Russian side. On the Chinese side, the expert community is represented by such companies as COMAC, AVIC,and the Chinese Aero-Polytechnic Institution (CAPE).In order to increase the comfort and market competitiveness of the aircraft,an acceptable noise level in the cabin and design requirements in terms of acoustics should be formulated at the initial stage of aircraft design. Also, at the initial design stage, it is necessary to draw up aspecific research plan and describe the design process taking into account the required acoustic characteristics of the crew cabin and cabin, while controlling them at all stages of design. The new standard establishes the relevant requirements."Our countries have 20 years of cooperation in the field of standardization, as a result of which the direct application of GOST standards in China has already been ensured in a number of areas. The jointly developed standard is a new stage of interaction,a similar approach can be extended to a wider range of industries in order to apply standards in the implementation of joint projects. The adopted standard will be adopted as a national standard in the Russian Federation and a state standard in China," commented the Head of GOST R Anton Shalaev.

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