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Designation Title
GOST 10092-2006 Cupro-nickel tubes for heat-exchange apparatus. Specifications
GOST 10096-76 Clotted aluminium powder. Technical requirements
GOST 10100-84 Hard coals. Method for the determination of washability
GOST 10104-75 Technical 2, 4-dinitrotoluene. Specifications
GOST 10106-75 Alkamon OC-2. Specifications
GOST 10111-85 Diamond tools of glass cutter
GOST 10112-2001 Double-ended wrenches. Size pairing
GOST 10113-62 Cameline-seed oil (technical)
GOST 10114-80 Bisquits. Method for determination of swelling in water
GOST 10117.2-2001 Glass bottles for food liquids. Types, parameters and main dimensions
GOST 10119-2007 Canned atlantic and pacific sardines in oil. Specifications
GOST 10120-71 Petroleum paraffins. Method for the determination of fraction composition
GOST 10121-76 Transformer oil of selective purification. Specifications
GOST 1012-2013 Aviation petrols. Specifications
GOST 10124-76 Solid rubber sheets and components for shoes bottom. Specifications
GOST 10127-75 Moisture-proof base paper for abrasive materials. Specifications
GOST 10131-93 Cases of wood and wood materials for food-stuffs, agricultural products and matches. Specifications
GOST 10132-62 Diesel two-wire glow plugs. General specifications
GOST 10134.0-2017 Glass and glass products. Methods for determination of chemical resistance. General requirements
GOST 10134.0-82 Glass inorganic and glass-crystal materials. General requirements to the methods for the determination of chemical resistance
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