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Designation Title
GOST 34460-2018 Juice products. Identification. General requirements
GOST IEC 60335-2-103-2017 Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Part 2-103. Particular requirements for drives for gates, doors and windows
GOST R 58220-2018 Non-enriched nepheline ores. Specifications
GOST R 58221-2018 Methods for the petrographic analysis of coals. Part 1. Vocabulary of terms
GOST R IEC 61511-2-2018 Functional safety. Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector. Part 2. Guidelines for the application of IEC 61511-1
GOST 1.0-2015 Interstate system for standardization. Basic principles
GOST 1.1-2002 Interstate system for standardization. Terms and definitions
GOST 1.2-2015 Interstate System for Standardization. Interstate standards. Rules for development, taking over, renovation and cancellation
GOST 1.3-2014 Interstate system for standardization. Standards interstate. Rules of development on the basis of the international and regional standards
GOST 1.4-2015 Interstate System for Standardization. Interstate technical committees for standardization. Rules of organization and function
GOST 1.5-2001 Interstate system for standardization. Interstate standards, rules and recommendations on interstate standardization. General requirements for structure, drafting, presentation, content and indication
GOST 10-88 Inside micrometers. Specifications
GOST 10.16-70 Shark's fins (dried). Specifications for export products
GOST 10.30-70 Scutched flax fibre. Technical requirements for export goods
GOST 10.31-70 Short flax fibre. Technical requirements for export goods
GOST 10.76-74 Meat. Horse-flesh for export. Technical requirements
GOST 10003-90 Styrene. Specifications
GOST 10006-80 Metal tubes. Tensile test method
GOST 10007-80 Polytetrafluoroethylene. Specifications
GOST 10014-73 Bleached and white groundwood. Specifications
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